Water Department

Backflow  Regulation
The Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulation 11 requires the Town of Carbondale to ensure that a backflow prevention assembly is installed and tested annually.  Additional details can be found at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at the following website- https://cdphe.colorado.gov/bpccc.

The Town of Carbondale will be conducting surveys and sending out letters to ensure a backflow prevention device is installed and tested annually on all water service lines attached to the Town's potable water system. 

If you have received a backflow notice in the mail, you have a backflow prevention assembly installed on your water meter that needs to be tested. 

If you have not received a letter in the mail, the Utilities Department will be sending out notifications about backflow requirements in the near future. 

By testing your backflow devise, you are helping to protect the public potable water from potential contamination, which would endanger the public health or physically damage the public water system.