RFP for Meadow Wood Drive Reclamation Project
Town of Carbondale, CO

Bids opened 3/26/19 at 2:00 pm. As read bids.


Request for Qualifications & Proposals-South East Highway 133 Irrigation Project.

The Town of Carbondale is accepting qualifications and proposals from Irrigation Contractors interested in assisting the Town in the upgrade and replacement of the existing irrigation system located along the South East portion of Highway 133 between Garfield Avenue and Weant Boulevard. This Request for Qualifications & Proposal (RFQ/RFP) is being issued for the purpose of selecting an irrigation contractor to work with the Town of Carbondale irrigation system design team, Eric Brendlinger & Russell Sissom on the proposed planning, timing, contracting and installation of the South East Highway 133 Irrigation Project

 Your RFQ/RFP proposal (hard copies: one original and 1 copy in a sealed envelope) must be received by Eric Brendlinger, by 4:00 p.m., Thursday, March 28, 2019.

Project proposal paperwork is available on the Town web site or a hard copy is available at Town Hall. If you should require or would like additional information regarding this project and RFQ/RFP, or need a clarification of any part thereof, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Eric Brendlinger, Parks & Recreation Director at 510-1277, e-mail-ebrendlinger@carbondaleco.net  or
Russell Sissom. Parks Forman, at 510-1327, e-mail-rsissom@carbondaleco.net

South East Highway 133 Irrigation Plan
GJP Highway 133 Irrigation layout