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Carbondale's Communications Mission: Town communications are geared toward informing the public with transparency and accuracy; while, encouraging citizen civic engagement, and promoting an open participatory form of government.

Communication Tools
Communication is a two-way road, between the organization and its target audience(s) including both internal/external stakeholders. While each department within the Town’s operations has vastly different communications needs, the following types of communications occur to some degree in each work group. 

Internal Communication: Internal communication may include policy updates, weekly staff meetings, Trustee work plans, staff development and/or trainings, weekly inter-departmental progress reports, or communication about employee benefits.

External Communication: External communication, such as communications with the media, radio and newspaper campaign’s, social media, and on the internet, may include public information regarding public policy, disaster preparedness and crisis communications, Trustee actions, awareness and public outreach campaigns. Some media sources the Town communicates with include.

Video Communication – TV10: TV10 is the Garfield County public television station. Carbondale broadcasts regular Trustee meetings LIVE on TV10, and posts information about advisory board meeting times and locations.  Trustee meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at Town Hall, 511 Colorado Ave., Carbondale, at 6:00 pm. New video of the current meeting will be available shortly after the meeting at this link

Social Media: The Town currently has the following official social media outlets.

Web Content: Website content informs the public about operations of Town departmental services, policy creation and changes, Trustee meetings, strategic plans, connects citizens and visitors with local resources, and informs the public about opportunities for civic engagement. The Town currently has the following websites:

Communications Planning Toolkit for Advisory Boards & Commissions