Mission Statement

Town of Carbondale Mission Statement
To maintain and enhance an environmentally sensitive, culturally diverse, family oriented small town, with town government providing quality service to the Carbondale community. 

Our Goals and Objectives are: 

A.    To support the existence of an ethnically and culturally diverse community. Objectives:
1)    Support activities that involve the interaction of ethnic groups by:
a)    Encouraging cross cultural interaction among various ethnic groups.
b)    Encouraging ethnic group participation in Town government.
c)    Encouraging other community groups to enroll ethnic groups in their activities.

B.    To preserve and enhance access to the local decision making process. Objectives:
1)    Maintain and develop outreach programs with the Town Board.
2)    Convey information to increase public awareness, understanding and participation in Town government.

C.    To protect the physical and natural environment.
1)    Reduce emissions from solid fuel burning devices.
2)    Create a land use code that has environmental protection as a major priority.
3)    Preserve river corridors in a predominantly natural state and provide or acquire access to these corridors.
4)    Preserve and acquire open space.
5)    Maintain water quality and quantity.
6)    Encourage solar and renewable energy sources and minimize waste of natural resources.
7)    Protect and improve viewscapes – underground powerlines and reduce man made impacts on viewsheds.
8)    Continue efforts to work toward reduction of solid waste and increase recycling efforts.
9)    Support development of mass transit alternatives in the Roaring Fork Valley.
10)    Encourage alternatives to automobile use, more particularly, non-motorized transport systems and associated trails.

D.    To keep the diversity of population in Carbondale that make the Town the quality progressive place that it is.
1)    Maintain socioeconomic diversity by enhancing broad range of economic opportunities, housing types and range of affordability.
2)    Work to reduce potential for community members to be forced out because of lack of opportunities in employment, housing and social mixing.
3)    Enhance opportunities for people to work together and to solve problems on their own.

E.    Maintain and/or create a diversity of housing types through land use codes and planning goals.
1)    Require diverse mix of housing types in new development.
2)    Encourage the development of rental housing.

F.    To broaden and enhance recreational opportunities and facilities in the community.
1)    Support community group efforts to provide recreation opportunities and facilities.
2)    Utilize citizen committees to evaluate the recreational needs and priorities and obtain input from the   community

G.    To maintain the importance of the individual in the community and the ability of the individual to make a difference.

H.    To facilitate and enhance opportunity for people to work together and preserve community networking systems.

I.    To maintain and promote a high level of community volunteerism.