Carbondale Emergency Task Force

Emergency Task Force
The task force is divided into Lines of Effort (LOEs).  Lines of effort are groups of activities that fall under a common theme.  Each LOE has primary and alternate leaders along with a group of people working together on tasks for that theme.

Lead: Erica Sparhawk, Town Trustee

Understand the needs of our community and advocate for them within our local, county, state, and federal governments. Collaborate and share information with our neighboring towns and counties.

Crisis Response
Lead: Gene Schilling, Town of Carbondale Police Chief

Plan for unpredictable behavior due to increased levels of economic and health insecurity.

Lead: Andrea Stewart, Chamber of Commerce

Coordinate with local businesses, organizations, and vulnerable populations to understand and track the current and future economic situation as they develop. Changes in policies, regulations, and laws will change our economic forecast in real-time.

Lead: Renae Gustine, Town of Carbondale Finance Director
Alternate Lead:

Identify, allocate, and track public and private funding for current and future efforts that span all LOEs. Work to provide options for community members to donate money to relief and response efforts.

Lead: Ryn Calhoon, retired nurse
Alternate Lead: Jolene Singer, retired nurse

Coordinate with county and state health officials, local medical providers, etc to understand our needs as a community and communicate clear “best practices” through established communication channels.

 Human Capital

Lead: Amy Kimberly, Carbondale Arts
Alternate Lead: Ashley Wilson

Coordinate with governmental and nongovernmental organizations as necessary in order to properly resource our efforts. Allocate and assign volunteers as appropriate to each LOE, based on need and skill sets.

Strategic Communications
Lead: Sarah-Jane Johnson, RoadMap Consulting

Establish communication channels with community anchor institutions, vulnerable populations, media, higher level government agencies, and the public at large. Develop and resource a strategic communications plan that delivers consistent, accurate, and transparent messages to the community and beyond.

Lead: Justin Lewis
Alternate Lead: Jeff Thomas

Identify and recommend software and hardware solutions to needs identified by all LOEs. Recommend implementation plans, including offering general community technology support to people that need it.