Carbondale Newcomer Response / Respuesta a Inmigrantes Recién Llegados


An estimated 125 immigrant newcomers primarily from Venezuela arrived in the Town of Carbondale over the summer of 2023 without shelter or the means to address their basic needs. The Town of Carbondale and many other entities are partnering on a sheltering response for these refugees along with other locals who have needed housing in Carbondale. Specifically, the Town is working to provide shelter facilities for December through March–when being unsheltered puts life safety at risk–as well as connecting refugees to available resources to help them become self-sufficient. 

Town Priorities

Carbondale is a welcoming town for all migrants. At the same time, resources are more limited in the Roaring Fork Valley than in urban areas that are also experiencing an influx of migrants from South America. The Town has identified the following priorities to support the current refugees in the community:  

  1. Ensure immediate basic needs are met with a focus on securing shelter during the height of winter from December through March.
  2. Create a pathway for work and self-sufficiency by connecting refugees to support and resources, such as legal advice, assistance with paperwork, etc.
  3. Spearhead a regional discussion on refugee support: Engage local counties, municipalities, and nongovernmental agencies in discussion around how we can work together and respond with a regional approach to immigrants and refugees.

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