Environmental Board

The Environmental Board addresses environmental issues that may include environmental pollution, solar orientation, water quality, air quality, use of pesticides and herbicides, transportation, water conservation, and recycling and solid waste.

The Environmental Board provides analysis and recommendation to the Town Board of Trustees (BOT) regarding environmental issues including coordinated development, the handling of issues within the Town and its environment which will, in accordance with present and future needs, best promote health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity, and the general welfare of the Town and its citizens.

Members of the Town of Carbondale Environmental Board and many citizen volunteers combine efforts to produce the annual Dandelion Day festival. 

Resolution No. 7 Series of 1998: Resolution Establishing the Carbondale Environmental Board

Turf Buy-Back Program / Programa de Recompra
de Césped
 (Aplicacion abajo)
The Town of Carbondale is launching a Residential Turf Buy-Back program March 15, 2024. Carbondale residents who irrigate their grass with town water are eligible to apply. The best way to lower your monthly water bill, conserve water, and support biodiversity is to remove some or all of your lawn and replace it with a low-water landscape. Residents will receive $2/sf of irrigated turf removed. Join us in creating beautiful landscapes that are good for people and the environment! Applications will be available at Town Hall or on the Town website. 

Turf Buy-Back Application
Aplicacion de Recompra de Césped

Environmental Board Member Application
2021 Idling policy
2017 Carbondale Climate & Energy Action Plan     
Love Em and Leave Em Trifold Brochure      
Vulnerability, Consequences, and Adaptation Planning Scenarios (VCAPS) Report, January 2019

Board Members
Hannah-Hunt Moeller, Chairperson
Fred Malo, Member
Quinn Donnelly, Member
Michael Port, Member
Jane Hendricks, Member
Morgan Gosda, Member
Vacant, Member
Vacant, Alternate
Lauren Suhrbier, CLEER/GCE Representative 

Chris Hassig, Board of Trustee Liaison

Scott Wenning, Town Staff Liaison

If you have questions or would like to apply to be a member of the Environmental Board, please email kmcdonald@carbondaleco.net or 970-510-1248