The Water Department is responsible for providing safe drinking water to the Town of Carbondale residents. The Department monitors and maintain the water treatment plants, approximately 28 miles of pipeline, two storage reservoirs, and raw water irrigation ditch system.

In accordance with the water and sewer rate increase plan that was adopted by the Board in 2017, rates will be increasing annually through 2024 as follows:

  • The price per thousand gallons of water will increase 5%, and the base fee will increase 7.5%.       
  • Other rates for water (ie, construction water, etc.) will increase 0.5%.
  • The price per thousand gallons of sewer will increase 5%, and the base fee will increase 5%.
  • After 2024, all rates will increase 3% annually.

There are three water treatment facilities which provide drinking water and fire protection. The Town operates and manages raw water irrigation from the following ditches: Carbondale (Town Ditch), Weaver, Leonard, Bowels and Holland (RVR), Lowline and shares in the Rockford ditch. Please keep Town ditches clean and free of debris, rocks and dams so the ditches flow freely.

During the irrigation season it is common that partial blockages occur from lawn clippings and debris landing into the ditch system. If this is observed we welcome assistance in removing debris from the ditch system to keep them running without obstructions.