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Press Releases15 documents

2024 Press Releases1 document

  • Press Release Dogs Running at Large Attack Pedestrians / Comunicado de Prensa Perros Sueltos Atacan a Peatones
    document date 03-11-2024

2023 Press Releases6 documents

  • News Release Two Males Arrested for Assault - Comunicado de Prensa Dos Hombres Arrestados por Agresion.pdf
    document date 11-04-2023
  • Press Release Soccer Coach Charged with Sexual Assault / Comunicado de Prensa Entrenador Acusado de Abuso Sexual.pdf
    document date 06-01-2023
  • Press Release Carbondale Community School Vandalized / Comunicado de Prensa Escuela Carbondale Community Vandalizada.pdf
    document date 05-31-2023
  • Press Release Recovered Stolen Items from the Nature Park Thefts - Comunicado de Prensa Articulos Recuperados de los Robos del Parque Nature.pdf
    document date 05-12-2023
  • Press Release Arrest Leads to Findings of Fentanyl - Comunicado de Prensa Arresto Lleva a Encontrar Cocaina Mezclado con Fentanilo.pdf
    document date 05-08-2023
  • Press Release Threat made to Schools / Comunicado de Prensa Amenaza a las Escuelas.pdf
    document date 01-25-2023

2022 Press Release1 document

  • Press Release Threat to Schools
    document date 01-25-2023

2021 Press ReleasesNo documents

December 24, 2020 City Market Arrest7 documents

  • Press Release Male Arrested at City Market
    document date 06-22-2021
  • Message from Chief Wilson
    document date 06-22-2021
  • Notification Continuing Case.pdf
    document date 06-22-2021
  • Press Release Male Arrested At City Market UPDATE
    document date 06-22-2021
  • TOC Message from Mayor Dan Richardson
    document date 06-22-2021
  • Town Manager Jay Harrington Statement .pdf
    document date 06-22-2021
  • Letter to the Community from Chief Wilson - CPD Updates
    document date 06-22-2021

Community Updates3 documents

  • Aprendiendo con la Policia - Learning with the Police
    document date 03-24-2022
  • PSA Back to School Tips
    document date 08-20-2021
  • ASP Consejos para Regreso a la Escuela
    document date 08-20-2021