Enhancing the Ability of Local Businesses to
Secure Necessary Capital

The Town of Carbondale (Town) developed the Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF) to enhance the ability of local businesses to secure the necessary capital to finance start-ups, operations, or expansion.

The loan fund was set up in 2002 with a 50/50 partnership with the USDA.  The Town and the USDA both contributed $50,000.

In addition to providing access to capital, CRLF is designed to help stimulate job creation and retention. Loans are available to new or established businesses that are located within the town limits of the Town of Carbondale.

The CRLF is made possible by the Town of Carbondale. Starting in 2024, the Carbondale Chamber is assisting the Town by overseeing the marketing & promotion, and certain aspects of the administration of this program. The Carbondale Chamber is not affiliated with the Town of Carbondale, rather a proud partner.  The loan funds are in no way exchanged with the Carbondale Chamber.

Visit the CRLF for more information.