What is the difference between the current Waste Reduction Fee and the new Carryout Bag Fee and plastic bag ban?

What will the Carryout Bag Fee revenues collected by the Town of Carbondale be used for?

Which businesses must file this fee?

How long can I use the current inventory of plastic bags on hand before I need to change to recycled paper carryout bags?

When do I need to start collecting the Carryout Bag Fee?

How much is the Carryout Bag Fee?

Is the Carryout Bag Fee taxable for sales tax purposes?

What amount of the fee is to be kept by the business who collected the fee?

When is the Carryout Bag Fee due?

How often do I report/remit the fee?

If I have no fees incurred, do I still need to file a return?

What happens if I do not file on time or do not file a return?

Where do I file returns online?

Is a postmark of the 20th acceptable as proof of the mailing date?