After you have obtained your permit and begun work it is important to understand what type of inspections you will need as well as when and how to request those inspections.

What type of inspections will I need?

The Town of Carbondale has compiled a list of inspections for various types of projects.

When should I request an inspection?
The contractor or owner is responsible for verifying that all work is complete before requesting an inspection. The requestor must accompany the inspector on all inspections and is responsible for ensuring all corrections cited by the inspector are completed. Re-inspections will be made after all corrections have been completed.

How should I request an inspection?
Inspection request can be made by phone, the business day prior to the requested inspection . Please call 970-510-1210 to make the request. The inspector will try to accommodate any special circumstances that may arise. All inspection requests must be received on the Building Department Administrative Phone. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES FOR THE INSPECTOR DIRECTLY TO SCHEDULE AN INSPECTION.

  • Name and address
  • Contact phone number
  • Address of the project to be inspected
  • The type of inspection being requested
  • Date the inspection is requested for
How can I obtain and Inspection Record if I do NOT receive one at time of issuance? 

An inspection Record may be obtained at the time of permit issuance, stopping by Town Hall, or  by calling 970-510-1210.

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