The Administration Department includes the office of the Town Manager, Lauren Gister, and the Town Clerk, Jessica Markham.

The Town Manager of Carbondale plays a crucial role in overseeing the day-to-day operations, enforcement of ordinances and administration of the town. The Town Manager is responsible for implementing policies, managing town staff, and ensuring the effective delivery of public services. Key duties include preparing the annual budget, coordinating with various departments, and serving as the primary liaison between the town government and the community. The Town Manager also works on strategic planning and development projects to promote the town's growth and well-being.

The Town Manager appoints the Town Clerk, whose responsibilities include maintenance and guardianship of town records, along with the daily operation of town hall.

The Town Clerk posts public notices, and records minutes at all Board of Trustee meetings. Other duties include the maintenance of all official documents, administration of oaths, affixations of the Town Seal to official documents, and notary services. The Town Clerk also administers, supervises, and coordinates the Town election process, maintains Town records including minute books, ordinance books, official and legal documents. The Town Clerk is responsible for the safe keeping of all official town records and documents, as well as, the necessary recording of such documents with the County Clerk.

The Town Clerk also maintains and records cemetery information, sells plots, and prepares deeds. For more information about Carbondale’s cemeteries or available plots click the following link: Cemetery Information, Rules & Regulations.